Click the image below to view Paulan Gordon talk about her experience being a mentor for Dementia Mentors


We  offer anyone with Dementia to get mentored privately for free. All of our mentors are volunteers and Dementia Patients themselves.

You were diagnosed with Dementia? You are probably scared—fear of the unknown. You want to know what to expect, what changes will occur, what should I be doing or shouldn’t. What better way to find out than to speak directly with someone who has dementia. Who has been or going through what you may be going through. Learn from the real life experiences of your  dementia mentor.

To request a mentor or for any additional information, please click the button below and fill out the request form. Please also let us know what type of dementia you’ve been diagnosed with so we can best match you with a mentor with similar symptom. 

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The Dementia Mentors' Mentoring Team