We are now hosting 10-12 live virtual memory café’s weekly. These virtual social gatherings are only for those with dementia and will be hosted by one of our mentors.

If you want to talk about your symptoms, that’s fine. And if you just want to talk about how great the weather was that day, that’s fine too. We want to help you stay social, so come spend an hour or so with others that walking in the same shoes as you.

If you or a loved one is living with dementia, he or she can benefit deeply from joining our cafes and staying socially active with others that truly understand.

To join our cafes, please use the Contact Us button request to join. *Remember, this is only for those living with some type of dementia.

We use a simple video communication program, similar to Skype, but is much easier to navigate. One only has to click on a private link, which we provide and it will bring you directly into our cafes. You won’t believe how easy it is until you try. You will be welcome with open arms. We are here to help.

Click image below to watch a video testimonial of the Virtual Memory Cafes from the late Barry Pankhurst of Indonesia.

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Virtual Memory Cafes

Helping those living with dementia stay social.

We have several short motivational videos that are exclusively done by our members that will truly inspire you and teach you how to rule your disease. We highly recommend that caregivers watch too.

I promise that you will not find a better education on all different types of dementia-related diseases than from these amazing people, for they have become the true experts, after living with the symptoms day-after-day.

Whether it is Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body dementia, Frontotemporal degeneration, Vascular dementia, MCI, traumatic brain  injury or other causes of dementia; these folks have been willing to talk honestly and openly about their symptoms and what helps them strive and what doesn’t.

Please take advantage of these short videos and learn.

We will be adding new videos regularly.

Helping those living with dementia stay social.

Dementia Mentors is an organization specially designed for those living with dementia. In fact, all of our mentors have been diagnosed with a dementia-related disease and understand the tribulations you are  and will be going through.

 —Our goals here is to is to provide supportive mentoring, motivation, social engagement and much more for those living with dementia.

—Here we will be supportive, honest and tell you like it is. We don’t believe in sugar coating.